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Shop Floor Production manager

Red Seal Steel Fabricator

Devin moved to the Kootenays from Quesnel when he was 19. As a contractor he first worked for DROP as one of several contracts in the region. DROP recognized Devins fabrication talent and invited him to join the team in 2014. When he is not welding perfection and managing the production line up at DROP Devin enjoys the hunting, camping and fishing in the abundant wilderness of the Kootenays.  

Devin's Drop on DROP: we take pride in the culture we are building and the quality of work we achieve on a daily basis. 

Favorite project: Waterbridge Ferry systems because it was a new design and concept compared to the old systems.


If I weren’t doing this, I’d be: a hunting guide.


Strange but true fact: never flown on a plane until I was 20 years old. 

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