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CNC programmer and machinist 

Ryan has 20 years of experience in industrial prototype CNC programming and machining and has worked in several high end shops including world renowned UBC TRIUMF Lab. The combination of the opportunity to be working on innovative advanced manufacturing projects at Drop and the Kootenay lifestyle inspired Ryan and his young family to relocate from Vancouver. A life long learner Ryan can be found reading up on advanced manufacturing trends and enjoying the opportunity to innovate daily at Drop. Enjoying the Kootenay lifestyle Ryan is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker. 

Ryans Drop on DROP 
"Drop gets such creative prototype component and system requests and that I can apply my years of experience to machine results that other shops might say are impossible. 

Favorite project: I'd have to say that turning a 400lb steel bearing shaft with double eccentrics was a big departure from what I'm used to - which was exciting (and maybe a bit scary!).

If I weren't doing this, I'd be: Living in a van down by the river. (RIP Chris Farley)


Strange but true fact: I own more helmets than pairs of shoes.

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