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With decades of design, engineering, and manufacturing in Sprockets, DROP Sprockets offers the most extensive sprocket line available on the market. 

The combination of our team's expertise, ability to problem solve, and the advanced manufacturing and equipment we have within our facility allows us to get you the correct sprocket for your application. 


At DROP we are always committed to excellence and innovation driving the best sprockets on the market!


Drop Sprockets, a division of Drop Manufacturing,  is a high-quality quick turn sprocket supplier offering the most comprehensive sprocket line in the industry. Drop Sprockets is built around on having the best support, engineering and manufacturing team, with decades of industrial experience and support back to the 1950's.  


Our manufacturing facility boasts some of the most advanced equipment in North America featuring cutting-edge machining and fabrication equipment, with over 1.5 million pounds of raw and semi finished materials to support the demand of the finished product. We control our products from the start to finished delivery which enables us to produce the highest quality, fastest delivery and longest lasting sprockets on the market. Every sprocket is standard for us!

 Why DROP Sprockets?

Our multidisciplinary team brings unparalleled creativity, flexibility, and superior customer service. With decades of engineering experience and understanding of the manufacturing process, our fully integrated engineering team has the necessary experience and know-how to maintain control from start to finish of the manufacturing process and deliver the best product on the market.


We offer same day delivery with a 24/7 manufacturing capacity as required.  We even offer rush delivery to your site with our very own internal air freight service. 


At DROP we focus on one thing and that's sprockets. Our sprockets conform to all chains and engineering standards. With complete Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and raw material control we ensure you get the right sprocket for any requirement. We continue to invest in equipment and personnel in our state of the art 35000 sq. ft facility.

Why hold inventory when we can ship your sprocket in 24 hours. We have over 1.5 million pounds of finished, semi finished and raw materials on site at all times. We produce 100% of our sprocket components which allows us to control and ensure our high standard of quality, and offer the best sprocket for any job.

Need a new sprocket FAST? We can air freight it right to you with our internal Air Freight service. Give us a call anytime for a quote, typically our turn around is an hour with a delivery in 1-3 days.



The Team

Our team is made up of experts across various disciplines, which collectively enable us to approach unique customer challenges.

At DROP we strive to create and encourage a hard-working yet fun-loving environment, that truly values the contributions from each team member.

At Drop were not perfect but we are continually striving to improve and that's what makes us who we are today.

Sales Rep Spotlight!

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Chase Muery, CPTS

Chase is one of our hardest-working representatives, serving Eastern Texas and Northwestern Louisiana as part of the C-PTS team! A truly talented salesperson to work with; Chase is effective and knowledgeable, making him a fantastic member of DROP's outbound sales network. Get in touch with Chase below, we guarantee he'll be an excellent guide in building your solution today!

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