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Guaranteed for life against breakage, DROPs solid steel couplings make an excellent choice for joining two shafts together.


Our compression couplings are made from solid steel bar stock on our precise manufacturing equipment. Once they are bored and the bolt work and keyway is in place, they are split, deburred, inspected and ready to ship.  

DROP's Couplings are available in all imperial and metric sizes from steel and stainless steel.


  • Made from solid steel or stainless steel

  • Metric or imperial sizes

  • Guaranteed for life against breakage

  • Compact design to fit in tight spaces


Our hubs are built to last the toughest applications. Guaranteed for life against breakage, Drop's hubs are manufactured from solid steel in all combinations and a complete range of sizes in metric or imperial.


  • Made from solid steel or stainless steel

  • Metric or imperial sizes

  • Guaranteed for life against breakage



DROP's idler bushings are dimensionally stable, high lubricity and offer excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion, impact, and vibration.

Our Idler Bushings are made from Bronze, Zinc Aluminum, Nylon, Urethane and composite resin depending on the application and requirement.

Our ready-made bushings need no additional machining and are used as a standard in all of our sprockets allowing for complete replaceability of just the bushing when worn and not the complete sprocket.


  • ​Made as a standard and can be replaced when required

  • Metric or imperial sizes

  • Grease grooves in place

  • Requires no additional hardware or install screws

  • Multiple Length through Bores (LTB)



DROP's Drum Teeth have a hardness just below the standard hardness of a conveyor or drum chain ensuring that you get the longest life possible from your Drum Teeth without increasing wear on your chain. This allows your Drums and chains to last longer between maintenance intervals.


Teeth comes in all standard lengths as non standard sizes are available. Once worn they can be easily replaced to extend the life of your drum assembly.


  • Made from C1050 steel or stainless

  • Complete range of widths

  • ​Guaranteed for life against breakage

  • Hardened

Drum Teeth
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