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Double Single Sprockets

What Are Double Single Sprockets?

Double single (DS) sprockets are used in systems where two individual chains are driven by one shaft.


In contrast to multi-strand sprockets that use one chain with several sets of chain walls and pins, DS sprockets use two single strand chains, hence the name “double single sprocket”. They are not compatible with double-strand roller chain (aka duplex chain).


Double single sprockets are a type of roller chain sprocket, commonly used in conveyor systems where they increase efficiency of packaging machines, manufacturing lines, and roller systems.

Double Single Sprocket

Double Single Sprocket Use Cases

There are many situations where double single sprockets can be used to transfer power to two locations or angles, or to maximize torque when chaining several sprockets together.

Roller Systems Requiring High Torque

In roller systems where high torque is needed, double single sprockets are an ideal solution.


For example, running one chain along the length of ten rollers will only allow minimal contact with the tops of the sprockets. Instead, ten sets of double single sprockets can be used to transmit power down the roller in a staggered layout. By having the chain wrap around the sprocket instead of just lying on top, the DS sprocket is able to transmit more torque with a smaller chain, utilizing the power gained from increased contact with the sprocket teeth.

Gear Reduction Ratios in Small Spaces

They can also be used to increase gear reduction ratios in tight spaces where full reduction assemblies are impossible.


For example, if you wanted a 7:1 reduction ratio, you could use a 10 tooth drive sprocket and a 70 tooth driven sprocket, but this would require quite a bit of space to accommodate a large 70 tooth sprocket, as well as sufficient chain distance.


If we instead use a double single sprocket to reduce the gear ratio, we could use that same 10-tooth drive sprocket with a driven sprocket as small as 35 teeth, using a 20 and 10 tooth middle sprocket in between. The end result is still a 7:1 gear ratio, but using a double single sprocket allows us to achieve this ratio with a smaller overall diameter and equipment footprint.

Offset Chain Around Obstruction

There are also situations where location requirements require double single sprockets to offset a chain around a machine element, pillar, or other obstruction. The DS sprocket will transfer that movement around the obstruction while retaining the power.


In a situation where power needs to be transmitted to two different places, double single sprockets allow for two chains to be used at different angles. This allows a single drive shaft to power multiple conveyors in different locations.

double single sprocket side profile

Configuration Options

The most common hub configuration for double single sprockets is A-Type, but these are also available in Split Taper, Quick Detachable (QD) and Taper Lock configurations. DROP Sprockets offers made-to-order double single sprockets in any configuration in four days, with same day capacity and in-house direct freight service available for rush orders.

Double single sprockets are available to fit ANSI chain sizes 35 to 240 with any of our standard bore sizes for comparable single sprockets, and can be painted or coated in black oxide for applications where additional corrosion resistance is needed.

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