DROP Sprockets focuses on delivering innovative high-quality sprockets. The combination of our teams expertise, creativity, ability to problem solve and the advanced manufacturing equipment sets us apart from the competition.



With over 6 decades of engineering knowledge in sprockets with  thorough understanding in the engineering and manufacturing process, our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing team have the right experience and protocols to maintain complete control in-house.

The engineering requirements and quotes will be provided within hours, followed by the fastest manufacturing of sprockets available on the market.



DROP Sprockets designs and manufactures all types of sprockets.

Our Manufacturing floor boasts top-end equipment throughout.


We offer same day manufacturing capability as well as 24/7 manufacturing capacity when required. 


Our In-house hot-shot air freight program ensures quick manufacturing and delivery for rush situations.

"Engineering and manufacturing the impossible.DROP has a one stop shop for all sprockets through innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. DROP s team of manufacturing engineers can take your requirements and make them a reality, giving you the best product and service every time".                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                John Jordyn



   Professional, Fast, International!

We can get a standard part to you overnight. With our on site engineers we can manufacture custom parts and ship them faster than anyone else in this sector.


Manufacturing & Fast Delivery

Not every client needs a part with the urgency to engage a Heli Lift. But we do that!

More commonly we will make your part and ship it to you faster than any of the competition using one or combination of: ground, air, sea transport.  


We know your operation is counting on this part, and we will get it to you when you need it!

Shipping Expertise

We have full time administrative staff with all the experience required, standing brokerage and shipping partners that allow us to expedite your order and deliver your part faster than others. 

We have a solid shipping network all over North America as well as international, which enables us to ship overnight anywhere in world in the shortest time possible.


The same high quality shipping is offered to our "non emergency" clients.