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DROP Sprockets offers an extensive product line that provides a wide and complete range of sprockets for all Industries.

Large Paper Rolls


Heavy loads, corrosive and abrasive conditions are a common reality in handling logs, wood chips, pulp, chemicals and other raw materials at pulp and paper mills. Our sprockets meet the requirements for the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Lumber Selection at Hardware Store


Industrial sprockets have many applications in the wood products industry. The main sprockets DROP develops for the logging industry are roller chain sprockets. DROP's popular welded, cast iron, stainless steel, cast nylon, segmented and split sprockets have a large applicability in the Sawmill sector.

Image by Albert Hyseni


​DROP is developing raw components that provide continuous transportation from mines to processing plants, storage or loading facilities. 


To access profitable material deposits located near the surface, heavy machinery and blasting techniques are used to remove overburden soil and rock. As the extraction and process of the raw material are done in the most demanding of environments, the components of the machinery need to excel in these conditions. For these applications, DROP offers a wide variety of tried and tested heavy duty roller chain sprockets, conveyor chain sprockets, engineering class sprockets and so on.

Worm Gear (left) and Bronze Gear (right), 
developed for Mining Applications

Well Driller


​Oil & Gas processing requires mechanical solutions for a multitude of uses. DROP's products enable trouble-free performance under the rough service conditions of drilling and production.

DROP is manufacturing not only sprockets for the Oil & Gas industry but also other components that are used in drilling rigs and Oil & Gas Extraction. Our team has the ability to design and develop parties for special applications on request of the customer.

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Conveying products with chain and sprockets is typically a high load low speed operation. Drop's Sprockets are designed to carry these loads throughout your process providing safe and reliable sprocket components for your operation. 

Image by Shane McLendon


The raw materials used in most industries (such as rock, stone, gravel, cement) usually need to be processed and transported. DROP manufactures the necessary components & systems for crushing, drying and moving these heavy materials within the lowest costs possible. 


Image by Vindemia Winery
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Pulp & Paper
Oil & Gas
Steel Industries
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