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40B50 Sprocket
(ANSI #40 Chain Sprocket)

This roller chain sprocket is made to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B29.10 standards for 40 series chain, commonly used in industrial and agricultural equipment.


Our 40B50 sprocket can be found in a variety of conveying and drive applications where a narrow chain is required, and is suitable for use at both high and low speeds.


At DROP Sprockets, all of our products are made-to-order, with capacity for same-day rush orders and direct freight services as needed.

40B50 Sprocket Quick Guide


Tooth Count: 50

Hub Type: B

Min Bore: 5/8”

Max Bore: 7”

Chain Series: 40

Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD): 7.963”

Outside Diameter: 8.25”

Tooth Width: 0.284”

Quick Guide

Configuration Options for a 40B50 Sprocket

40B50 Sprockets can be custom manufactured with bore sizes from 5/8” up to 7”. Beyond this range, please contact our sales team to find the right sprocket for your chain and drive.

These are available as a solid unit or as a split-bolt sprocket to fit all drive assembly requirements and to provide multiple installation options.

Fitting options include plain bore, set screws, bearing insert, bronze or urethane bushing insert, or keyways.

Other Hub Options

A 50-tooth sprocket for #40 chain can also be configured as a 40A50 sprocket, and a 40C50 sprocket configuration to fit any machine. All three sprockets can be manufactured same-day upon request.

Alternative Installation Options

 All 40B50 sprockets can be fitted with Quick Disconnect (QD) Hubs with any of our bushing material options.

Taper-lock Bushings are available to achieve proper clamping force in narrow applications and create a friction fit on your drive shaft for maximum mechanical advantage. 


Split Taper Bushings and Keyless Locking Assemblies (KLA’s) can be fitted between the shaft and hub to achieve a friction-fit connection.

Materials & Finishes

A 40B50 sprocket is typically made using 1045 steel but can be made to match all #40 roller chain materials.


Ideally, 40B50 sprockets should be manufactured from a steel equal to, or slightly less hard than, the #40 roller chain steel to ensure optimal chain and sprocket life. Cutting the sprocket from a material harder than the chain will accelerate the wear rate on your chain significantly.

40B50 sprockets are available in bare steel, painted, or black oxide coated for increased corrosion resistance. Both paint and black oxide coating are used for aesthetic reasons and for protection from mild corrosion, including rust.

Hardening Options

1045 steel is commonly selected for this sprocket due to its high strength and desirable impact properties. Materials are available in three hardness options:

1.      Surface hardened-teeth (between 40-60 HRC)

2.      Standard steel, unhardened

3.      Through-hardened steel (max. 35-55HRC)


As a custom sprocket manufacturer, pricing for our 40B50 sprockets varies based on quantity required, manufacturing lead time, and material. Submit a quote using our easy online system here and get a quote back in less than an hour!


Fast-freight is available with our in-house logistics and delivery services, including same-day or next-day rush services. Standard delivery time to lower 48 states and Canada averages 4 days.

Configuration Options
Hub Options
Alternative Installation Options
Materials & Finishes
Hardening Options
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